Yoga Class Decriptions

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  1. I just got the groupon for 10 sessions because I have a friend that loves hot yoga. Are all your classes got yoga? Also, what is a good starter class?

  2. Hi – I was interested in taking the kettleball yoga classes you mentioned via Twitter. Can u sign up for those classes online using a class session purchased via groupon? Also on which days is kettleball yoga offered as I don’t see it listed on the schedule.

    Thank you for your help!

  3. I am four months pregnant but I want to stay fit. Are your classes safe for pregnant women? Or are there certain classes that are better for pregnant women?

    • That’s ok, 4 months pregnant is fine. Please go to a Basics Yoga class and tell the teacher that you are pregnant. Don’t twist too deep and don’t get too hot. Rest whenever you feel your heart beating too high. Always use Childs pose to rest and cool the body! Go to Malia’s class, she just had a baby.