Master Class: Backbends with Malia Hilliard

Open Your Heart and Unlocking your spine.

Master Class: Backbends

Backbends are one of the most challenging and dangerous sets of postures in yoga and are rarely given the time they merit in day to day classes. However, they are also one of the most beneficial. Not only do backbends create flexibility in the spine while stretching and strengthening the muscles of the back, they stretch the shoulders, open the hip flexors, create unmatched openness in the chest and heart, and touch on one of the most transformational aspects of the practice which is about bringing energy up the spine and cleansing the nervous system. Backbends thrust your full life force up through this central channel and burn through blockages along the way. This makes them incredibly profound both physically and emotionally.

In this time of global unrest and trauma, we invite you to join Malia as she safely guides you into a deeply healing and ultimately exhilarating journey that will shift your perspective, unlock your shoulders and free your spine.

Benefits of Backbends:
Open and stretch the abdomen, chest, upper back, shoulders, arms, hip flexors and quadriceps
Invigorate the lungs and increase lung capacity
Stimulate the lymphatic, digestive and reproductive systems
Promote mobility, flexibility and strength in the spine
Help relieve infertility, osteoporosis, backache and asthma
Promote proper pituitary and thyroid function
Increase stamina and strength in the entire body
Uplifting and energizing
Counteract depression

Join us this Sunday 2:00 – 4:00. ONLY $35



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