Heart of Teaching Yoga

Heart of

Teaching Yoga

The heart of teaching yoga is itself a form of yoga, requiring practice, self-reflection, compassion and sensitivity. A teacher with “heart” is a teacher who encourages and inspires, and who is attuned and sensitive to the needs and conditions of each individual student and also to the class as a collective entity unto itself.

For the student, the path of yoga is always personal, and the role of the teacher is to help each student discover the path that is right for that student. How to facilitate this process, how to encourage and direct each student in a way that services his/her unique needs and mindset — that is the art of teaching.

In our Teacher Training course, we will explore the art of teaching through a dynamic and conscious practice – Power Yoga- steeped in both the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. The idea is that deepening our personal practice informs our teaching, provides inspiration and gives us the confidence to teach from what we know. The focus will be a non-dogmatic and open approach to what is effective. We will focus on universal principles that apply across all yoga traditions. The course will simultaneously encourage each student to develop self-reliance, as well as compassionate support for the evolution and progress of others in the group.

Each session will focus on a variety of different themes over the course of the training and will include not only group asana practice, but also additional time for discussion, reading bodies and hands-on adjustments. The afternoon work will be reinforced during our morning Yoga practice, as we learn to fine-tune our practice in an individual way.

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With the Hotlanta Yoga Teacher Training you will attain a deeper understanding of all things yoga, greatly enhance your own practice and gain the knowledge and confidence to share yoga with anyone interested in this ancient practice of transformation.
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