Everyone Has Goals

Everyone has goals.

Whether you have put them in to words or not yet doesn’t matter because when you start showing up to yoga class, they will most definitely begin to crystallize. Maybe you realize you don’t have much balance. Maybe your core is weak or your knees don’t feel stable. Maybe the feeling of profound relaxation you get at the end of class awakens you to how much stress you carry around and need to release.

Regardless, Hotlanta Yoga is dedicated to helping you reach those goals- both present and future. As you practice you are revealed and empowered to be your own healer, and we are here to guide you, to inspire you and to keep you safe. Alignment-based and mindful-based, we want to turn on your body, your mind and your Spirit by upping the level of your potential progression.

Yes, we are unique.. and specific in our Yoga. Yes you will learn alternate breathing techniques that help with stress and everyday life. And Yes this Yoga creates harmony as the Spirit roars.

Come try us out on your Bodies. Learn Athletic Power Yoga.

Only $85 a month for three months

Damian & Malia

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