Cultivate Magic

Every human being can Cultivate Magic; very real inner power that can change not just the way you look and feel but your entire outlook. We just get in our own way. We have created this insane, externally focussed, highly caffeinated culture that keeps us from cultivating and wielding our inner power. Yoga is an ancient, structured, proven prescription for magic wielding. No joke. The first ingredient is JOY. Everybody knows that if you feel good in your body, if you are healthy and pain free, you are a whole lot happier. (looking fit doesn’t’ suck either) But that’s just the first component of yoga. Profound health. And this includes strength, flexibility and mobility along with internal benefits you get from the breathing techniques and meditative flow all available through Athletic Power Yoga. But that’s just a brush across the surface of what Yoga has to offer.

The next ingredient is self regulation- the ability to control your inner stress response and emotional response in any given moment. As you create ease in the body you create ease in the mind. This development of equanimity and balance in your emotional state actually unchains you from your reactivity and has very real physical payoffs. Stress throws you off your game, hell it can kill you! Yoga cultivates a resilience to the neuroses-breeding back and forth of unchecked emotional reaction and this leads to self efficacy..i.e. power.

Finally, the last ingredient (for the purposes of this article anyway) is mindfulness. Yoga takes concentration. It is a beautiful dance where every single part of the body must work in unison to create the postures. This requires intense focus. Like meditation, it takes you out of your thinking mind and forces you into your feeling mind. Do this enough and suddenly you are able to step out of your thinking mind whenever you want and observe your flow of thought. Change your perspective and you’ll change your attitudes. Change your attitudes and suddenly your life will begin to change as a reflection of your new vibe. Yoga has been scientifically proven to have the ability to change your brain, to make chronically sad people happy, to encourage people to make better choices that lead to healthier lifestyles. It’s transformative and actually draws us all to improve and enhance our life meaning and purpose.
Now, if that isn’t Magic, I don’t know what is.

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