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Although we are a Power Yoga studio and we enjoy melding fitness and Yoga we adhere strictly to ancient alignment principles to ensure that our students remain injury free. We believe Yoga is the path to bliss and physical, mental and emotional freedom but that doesn’t mean that that journey can’t include laughter. We would consider working with experienced Yoga teachers who live and teach in a balanced way, who inspire, heal, challenge and enjoy their students.

Malia Hilliard

Teacher Trainer & Retreat Host

Malia Hilliard fell in love with yoga at 15 when her Father took her to a Yoga Retreat to help a back injury she acquired jumping off an 80 ft waterfall. The practice was Iyengar based, therefore both powerful and therapeutic, and ended up teaching her skills she could apply to every aspect of her life.  Although Iyengar remains Malia’s greatest inspiration, she has created her own unique practice influenced by the many seasoned instructors she was able to study with during her 10 years in Los Angeles.  Malia’s classes are fluid, powerful, inspiring and fun. Now a Yoga Alliance Certified E-RYT-200 instructor, Malia’s dynamic teaching style has attracted many big names in the industry and landed her sponsorships from companies like Nike, Lululemon and Marika Clothing to name a few.  Malia teaches at several studios in Atlanta and hosts Workshops and Retreats globally. A traditionalist at the core, Malia is dedicated to the principles of alignment and the potential of the breath, combining them with vigorous vinyasa flow to create a uniquely profound experience in class. Her light-hearted approach makes yoga philosophy both understandable and attainable.  Malia believes in the transformational power of yoga and is continually honored to witness the shifts yoga inspires in her students and in herself.

Damian Viera

Yoga Teacher & Thai Yoga Massage

Damian Viera is a seasoned spa & fitness program facilitator, yoga instructor and internationally renowned massage therapy educator. He started working in the health and wellness industry at the age of 15, the yoga industry at 24, and has since consulted in luxury wellness projects for global brands like The Golden Door, Rosewood Hotels, Ty Warner Hotels, Aman Resorts, and R&R Resorts. Although his creativity in the spa world is unparalleled, his ultimate passion is uncovering the many ways yoga and functional movement can enhance the performance of athletes and healthy individuals, and assist in the rapid recovery of injury. Through re-educating the body’s movement, he can create space and agility in places where movement either never existed or was hindered by injury, emotional trauma, or lack of proper use. He enjoys formulating lifestyle regimens using his expansive knowledge of exercise physiology, nutrition, and yoga philosophy particularly to maximize clients’ vital potential energy levels. Damian’s classes are a high energy, functional movement based, flow that are fun and challenging. Don’t be surprised by your rapid evolution and new found inner power.

Tracy Sharp

Yoga Teacher

My exposure to yoga began as a child. My mother was a student and eventually a teacher of Iyengar. Committed to forging my own path, I tried various forms of yoga before finding Ashtanga. My introduction to this studio was the beginning of a significant transformation which extended far beyond the familiar asanas. As my practice deepened, I became eager to learn more. Through this process of learning, the desire to share my experiences was born.

Evan Hall

Yoga Teacher

Evan “Eazy” Hall has always had an athletic background participating in everything from basketball to volleyball and even some boxing. Yet none of these physical practices ever left him feeling as happy and complete as yoga did. He was first introduced to yoga because of constant respiratory and back problems that he couldn’t find a solution for until he found yoga. Shortly after being introduced to the practice of yoga Eazy decided to pursue a career in it by receiving his RYT 200 hours, hoping to spread the awareness of the benefits of yoga to who ever would listen. He teaches everything from beginner yoga to meditation and pranayama but specializes in Rocket Yoga a progressive asthtanga style. A fun and charismatic individual you can expect plenty of laughter, a good work out, lots of inversions, and a welcoming atmosphere in all of Eazy’s classes.

Jason Shoates

Yoga Teacher

He’s just Jason. His story to Yoga is coming soon!

Maddie Lavin


I am an active lifestyle enthusiast. I’ve been hooked on fitness since doing Jane Fonda videos in the living room with my mom. I jokingly tell people that I came out of the womb in a plank.

But just like any relationship, my fitness relationship has not always been rainbows and butterflies. In high school it was all about cardio and calorie counting; in college I took up triathlon-ing and became obsessed with splits and conquering PRs. I started yoga as a means to loosen my permanently gripped hamstrings. Now, my athletic yoga practice keeps my life properly balanced. I love that I found yoga and can use my certification to help people deepen the healthy body + healthy mind connection I whole-heartedly believe in.

The opportunity to share my passion for a healthy lifestyle and the truth about self-love is a dream come true. I can’t wait for you to join me for some sweat and savasana.

Maxine Piccinich


Maxine grew up around an athletic family. From basketball to volleyball, Maxine excelled in sports from a young age. Always motivated by her father, she strived to be the best she possibly could be and even was part of a national championship high school volleyball team. Born in New Jersey, raised in Huntsville, Maxine moved to Atlanta to pursue her career in education. She is the assistant manager at the School of Rock East Cobb, where she helps rockers of all ages pursue their dreams of rocking on stage and in life. Bringing the same mentality to yoga,she lives to help others. Completing her yoga teacher training under the tutelage of Damian and Malia, she has learned what it takes to motivate others to work hard and become the best version of themselves they can be.

Jennifer Pate


Jennifer Pate is a registered nurse and certified yoga instructor who really believes in the power of holistic wellness. She began working in the medical field at the age of 19, and started doing yoga at age 22. Her teachings are Iyengar based, influenced with athletic power. Like many, she started doing yoga for the physical benefits, and developed a deep passion for the therapeutic mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. Yoga is her happy place, and she believes in bringing that into every aspect of her life. She also is very passionate about helping others experience all of the phenomenal benefits of yoga.

Charles Umeano


I began practicing yoga, in general, three years or so ago here at Hotlanta Yoga. In that time, I have grown from someone generally incapable of taking agency of my life to one able to retain my center through even the wildest variance of life. At first, the focus of my practice was to reap the physical benefits of asanas, e.g. a cinched waistline, a tighter stomach, and greater flexibility and overall strength. Yoga gave me this–as it will to anyone who unfailing shows up to the mat–but it’s greatest gift to me is the capability to face the ups and downs of life (by drawing attention to the breath, prana) without losing hold of my center. As an instructor, it is my greatest hope and honor to guide my students towards their journey of self discovery and mastery, which is yoga. In doing so, I hope that you discover a calming light (your own inner teacher) that will sustain you no matter what the journey of life may bring. Namaste.

Kristin Ballantine


Kristin has been a student of yoga since 1999, and a teacher since 2007. She discovered that yoga is an amazing form of fitness, but found that there is so much more! Her desire is to contribute her knowledge to others and hopefully send them further along the path to self discovery and wholeness. Kristin is an RYT 500 level instructor. She spent her 200 hour level teacher training in a residential ashram called Living Yoga, and deepened studies in a 500 hour program that focused more on the internal practices of meditation and yoga philosophy with Yoganand Michael Carroll at the Pranakriya School of Healing Arts. Kristin is also certified as a Power Pilates Instructor, and became certified in Barre in 2013, and leads mat Pilates and Barre classes in the Atlanta community.